The perfect tool for updating packages or refining client touchpoints, this pre-built proposal template is a game-changer. Designed with wedding photographers in mind, it streamlines your presentation while elevating the client experience. With its blend of stunning design and strategic elements, your proposals will leave your clients impressed and ready to say "yes!".

The Honeybook Proposal Template

This pre-built smart file, primarily designed for wedding photographers yet adaptable for any service-based business, is a versatile tool in HoneyBook. It's a 7-page proposal template, comprehensive and ready for customization to suit your unique business needs. 

Whether you're updating your packages, raising your prices, or just looking to elevate your client touchpoints, this is the template for you.

This proposal includes all the necessary basics, as well as a few key sections that elevate your touch point. From services selections to contract, invoice overviews to paying the deposit, this proposal covers all the basics for a 

Please note, due to HoneyBook's current capabilities, this resource will be manually shared within 4 business days and is not available for instant access.


  • A Pre-Built, 7 Page Proposal Smart File

  • Copywriting Direction & Prompts

  • Customizable Design Elements, like colors, fonts, and photos

  • Step-by-Step Tutorial for Installation & Customization

01. sign up for honeybook

If you're not already a Honeybook user, you will need to sign up and subscribe in order to access the template. Here is a link for 25% off your first year!

02. request the template

Next, share your Honeybook-associated email with me via the sign up form above. I will share the template with you within 2-4 business days.

03. check your inbox

Once the template has been shared with you, you should receive a notification in both your email and Honeybook account. 

If you are not seeing the template in either of those locations, verify that you shared the correct email (it must be the email you use for Honeybook!). 

04. follow the tutorial

Once you have received the template, watch the tutorial walkthrough below to learn how to add the template to your library, customize, and share with clients! 

If you ever have any questions, please reach out at contact@studiogail.co.

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This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to integrate your template into your HoneyBook library, personalize it to fit your brand, and efficiently share it with your clients.

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Q: Do I need Honeybook to use this template?

A:Yes! This template was built within Honeybook's smart files and is only compatible within Honeybook. If you are not already a Honeybook user, you can sign up here.

Q: Can I customize with my own packages, contracts, deliverables, payment plans, etc.?

A: Of course! This pre-built template was designed to give you the framework and direction for an amazing Honeybook proposal and is completely customizable. You can update all details, including packages, prices, and services offered, to reflect your business’s specific offerings and pricing structure.

Q Can I customize colors, fonts, photos, etc.?

A: Yes! You have the flexibility to update not only the copywriting, package details, and payment plans but also the visual branding and photography within the template. HoneyBook supports the uploading of custom fonts, your unique color scheme, and personal photography. All these customization steps are clearly demonstrated in the tutorial video, making it easy for you to tailor the template to your brand's specific look and feel.

Q: How will I receive & install this template?

A: Once you provide me with the email associated with your HoneyBook account, I'll manually share the template with you. Following this, you'll receive an alert in your HoneyBook dashboard message inbox, as well as an email notification, to let you know the template has been shared. The tutorial I've included will guide you through installing and customizing the template within your HoneyBook account, ensuring a smooth and easy setup.

Q: Do I have to be a wedding photographer to use this template?

A: Of course not! This template is versatile and can be tailored to suit various types of businesses and events. Whether you're in design, photography, or any service-based industry, you'll find this template adaptable to your unique needs.

Q: Do you offer Honeybook design support? 

A: Absolutely! I offer VIP Days where we can deep dive into your entire HoneyBook setup. We'll tailor every aspect to perfectly suit your business needs. I also offer Clarity Calls for any questions you might have or for specific guidance on using HoneyBook to its fullest potential. Whether it's a complete overhaul or just a bit of tweaking, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Welcome + Philosophy

A warm introduction that sets the tone for your proposal. It's where you greet clients, express your enthusiasm about potentially working together, and briefly highlight what makes your service unique. Throughout the proposal, you will also have a few spaces to share deeper into your approach and passions, connecting with your clients and expressing why you are the perfect fit for them. 

01 / 04

Service Selection & Add Ons

This section is tailored for effortless updates with your specific offerings. It simplifies the selection process for clients by clearly outlining the available services and add-ons, guiding them to make choices that align perfectly with their needs. This layout ensures a seamless and intuitive experience for clients as they customize their package.

02 / 04

Process & Experience

This section plays a pivotal role in elevating your entire proposal, offering a final opportunity to meaningfully connect with your client. It outlines the unique and personalized experience of working with you, highlighting your approach to customization and the exceptional journey clients can expect. This narrative helps clients envision the quality and detail of the service they will receive.

03 / 04

Invoice, Payment Plan, & Deposit

This proposal comprehensively covers all financial aspects, presenting a detailed invoice, transparent payment plan breakdown, and the deposit submission process. This section is crafted to ensure clarity and transparency, allowing clients to feel secure and informed about every financial detail, thereby building trust and confidence in your services.

04 / 04

Key Sections That Make All the Difference


template highlights


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Having tried many platforms over the years of running this studio, I personally love HoneyBook for its user-friendly interface, extensive range of tools, and design flexibility. It’s been a cornerstone of my business from day one and is equally cherished by 99% of my clients. 

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