(The Client)

kassidy ilayne studios

Kassidy Wiedenhoeft, founder of Kassidy Ilayne Studios, was ready to elevate her photography business from DIY to reputable expert. Senior photographer turned fine art wedding photographer, Kassidy was ready to  lean into her signature style and invest in a brand and website that reflected it.

About the Project

The Deliverables

  • Brand Naming Consultation
  • Brand Identity
  • Document Design for Investment Guide & Bride Guide
  • Website Strategy
  • Custom Website Design & Development

In order to position Kassidy as an elevated professional, we drew inspiration from editorial design and classic femininity. Through a muted, neutral color palette and expressive brand fonts, we crafted a brand foundation that felt polished  and elevated. Extending this brand personality into her website and business documents, we were able to bring strategy and bespoke design into every detail of her brand.

Design Solutions

elevated / chic / fine art / feminine

(Closing Thoughts)

kassidy ilayne studios

Our intention walking into this project was to elevate Kassidy from her high school side hustle into a high-end photography studio. Watching Kassidy grow since our project has been a joy and a true testament to the power of brand positioning and design.

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When I first began searching for a designer, I feared that I couldn't find someone whose full heart & soul was invested into what they do. Abbey is such a visionary; she will FEEL what you want without you having to say much at all. From someone who has had trust issues with investing in my design before, I trust Abbey with my life. Book with her now!

Kassidy Ilayne Studios

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