Abbey Chaplain (b. 1999) is a brand designer & multidisciplinary creative based on the East Coast of Virginia. 

To create sustainable brand strategies that speak your language and spark conversation with your ideal clients. 

To inspire joy. 

To catalyze enduring relationships between kindred souls.

To deliver designs that are always in style, evolving timelessly with you and your business.

Our Vision

Our Values

We believe the most enduring brands are those that are ever evolving, so we design with the intention to nurture growth — positioning you competitively within your industry while allowing room for the natural evolution of things. We mean, of course, the ways in which your business will change and expand over time. Every brand asset designed by Studio Gail is meant to serve as a timeless expression of your core values and driving vision, no matter which way your brand evolves. Like we said, sincerely and forever,  yours.

01. Sustainability

There’s nothing Studio Gail values more than its clients, considering them our collaborators, our friends, and our forever muses. We take great care to understand their fundamental values, dreamy visions, and ideal clients, as these are the roots from which their brands will grow. It is of utmost importance to Studio Gail that our clients feel heard, seen, and valued throughout the creative process and the evolution of their businesses.

02. Collaboration

The name Gail literally means joy, which is what we’re ultimately trying to spread through every design, collaboration, and interaction. There’s simply no better feeling than seeing our clients’ faces light up with sincere delight while reviewing their new brand identity or website — it’s how we know we’ve done our job. 

03. Positivity

Romantic Poetics

Our timeless creative style is inspired by the lyrical romance of everyday life, framed within the context of fresh ideas, contemporary perspectives, and captivating storytelling. 

It is a delicate balance between design and strategy, presentation and function, romantic poetics and modern aesthetics, one that we are committed to nailing every time. 

We aim to land somewhere between effortlessly cool and ageless by design, and we do it all while remaining grounded in the stories unique to our clients’ brands. 

+ Modern Aesthetics 

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At Studio Gail, it's not just about elevating your visuals; it's about refining your vision, so you're poised to enter your next chapter feeling more aligned than ever before. From custom design to streamlining your systems, I'm here to distill your essence into a brand that evolves alongside you; a brand that resonates with your values, echos your voice, and captures your artistry.

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