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The Weekly Dash: Notion Dashboard

An interactive Notion dashboard, designed for setting goals, curating inspiration, crafting intentions, + reflecting on your growth.

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Palmer Investment Guide Template

A modern, eye-catching Canva template designed for wedding creatives to elevate their client experience and wow their dream clients.

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Business Basics

let's start with the

get 25% off your first year

My all time fav CRM. An all in one platform that
manages leads, contracts, communication,
invoices, forms, and *so* much more. Especially
perfect for the wedding industry.


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Showit is a drag-and-drop, no code required
website platform that gives total design freedom
with the blogging power of Wordpress. Perfect
for any service-based business.


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For all my product based businesses, we're
going straight to Shopify! As the industry leader
for e-commerce, it's our top pick to showcase
and sell your amazing products online.


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My clients know that I am just a little ~obsessed~
with Loom. Think of it as the perfect blend: half email,
half Zoom call. This video recording software is a
staple in the day to day of my projects. 


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Think of Sunsama as your day planner, but digital
and smarter. It blends your tasks with your
calendar, ensuring nothing slips through. For
those with lots to do and little desire to forget.


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Ever wondered "how are people getting those
super cute, branded emails?". Simply put,
Google Workspace! Totally worth the $6 / month.

Google Workspace

Courses & Education

for the girlies who love learning

Grow Your Own Brand

Kelsey, the creator of Coming Up Roses and an array of transformative courses, has been a pivotal mentor in my journey of brand cultivation. Her standout group coaching program, GYOB, alongside courses like Launch Your Own Way, is meticulously designed for entrepreneurs intent on nurturing their brand with deep devotion. This course is about delving into your brand's foundational truths and weaving those core insights throughout every facet of your business—from clear messaging and solid positioning to crafting an offering ecosystem and a marketing plan that resonates authentically with your audience. If you're looking to challenge your perspectives and illuminate your brand's potential, this is your starting line.

course + group coaching + community

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Site Series with BTL Copy

Meet Sara, your soon-to-be favorite educator from Between the Lines Copy, who blends friendship with expertise to create a learning experience unlike any other. Her copywriting course isn't just comprehensive—it's a deep dive into the art and science of persuasive writing. You'll learn not just how to craft compelling copy, but also understand the psychology that prompts readers to take action. Perfect for those who love a blend of wit, wisdom, and practical guidance, this course will equip you to write copy that connects and converts.

website copywriting course

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Life of the Party

Navigating social media marketing on your own can feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. Xanthe, the content maven behind LOTP, brings simplicity and effectiveness to social media strategy. Her approach is designed for those who want to manage their social presence personally or are not ready to outsource. You'll learn how to create captivating content tailored to your dream audience, transforming your social media feeds into a party that your followers won't want to leave.

social media content course

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10k Girl Gang

Joining 10KGG was my first substantial business investment, and it's been transformative. This unique blend of course content, coaching, and community is the trifecta for growth-seeking business owners. It's a space where you can share triumphs and trials with peers who truly understand the entrepreneurial journey. From learning effective sales strategies to overcoming personal barriers, 10KGG offers a supportive environment for those looking to make meaningful connections and level up their business game.

course + GROUP coaching + community

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got the basics down?

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The obvious choice for anyone getting into
email marketing. The simplest back end
experience, gorgeously customizable, amazing
automations, need I say more?


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Canva has completely changed the game when it
comes to accessible design for non-designers. I
highly recommend considering upgrading for even
more storage, more tools, and more brand flexibility.

Canva Pro

your next chapter begins here

Are You Ready to Elevate & Align Your Brand's Story?

At Studio Gail, it's not just about elevating your visuals; it's about refining your vision, so you're poised to enter your next chapter feeling more aligned than ever before. From custom design to streamlining your systems, I'm here to distill your essence into a brand that evolves alongside you; a brand that resonates with your values, echos your voice, and captures your artistry.

Are you ready to step into your own elevation?

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