(The Services)

We blend intentional strategy with
meaningful visuals to create brand and website
experiences that you can't stop thinking about.

(Our Philosophy)


Your business is an extension of you. As you continue to evolve and grow, your business will do the same. While design is subject to change its opinion on what is hot, sustainable design allows you to elevate, refine, and polish as you evolve.


No one knows your business like you. Your unique understanding is crucial as we craft a brand that fits your vision. You and I each have unique skills to bring to the table. We promise to walk alongside you as a friend, not a dictator.


We are massively driven by what is cool. To us, coolness is defined by blending personal style with unique expression. It's not about what others are doing. We would rather be trend-setters than trend-followers.

A strategy-based branding experience designed to uncover the heart and soul beneath your brand. Intentionally crafted for business owners looking to elevate, this package blends strategy, storytelling, identity design, and collateral creation into an in-depth, collaborative experience. 

Package 01


custom pricing upon inquiry

36.8508° N, 76.2859° W

Where soulful strategy and stunning design meet. Our brand and website package is our perfectly balanced approach to crafting an all-encompassing brand experience that will leave your audience wanting more. With bespoke brand details and a custom site that is equally beautiful on desktop and mobile, say goodbye to insecurity and hello to distinction.

Package 02

branding & website


A streamlined approach to our brand and website experience. This one or two day design sprint is designed to execute your most crucial “to-do’s” in a short amount of time. This package is perfect for the business owner who needs a starter brand or website as soon as possible.

Package 03

studio day


The Process

01. inquire

02. disco call

03. make it official

Whether you're a CEO, side hustler, or somewhere in between — we would love to be a part of your story.

If you would like to move forward in working with our studio, head over to our inquiry page to fill out an application. From there, we will get in touch.

Upon submitting your inquiry form, you will be able to schedule a discovery call  with us! On this Zoom call, we will chat about your business and your vision for a project.  After the call, we will send over an official Honeybook project proposal, tailored specifically for you and your needs.

Once you feel ready to say yes to a project with us, you will be able to choose your package  via the Honeybook proposal we sent after our disco call. With a signed contract and a paid invoice, we will send over our next steps and the magic will begin!


We believe that no two businesses are alike, so why would we operate under a "one size fits all" mentality when it comes to project investments? We believe in custom design projects, tailored specifically for you and your business. On our disco call, we will discuss your personal budget needs as well as multiple package options, empowering you to choose your level of support among our services. For more details on what an investment for your project could be, fill out an inquiry form to book a disco call.


Yes! We know that branding is a big investment and we want to make that process as painless as possible. All projects require a 25% deposit upon signing to reserve your spot in our calendar, with the remaining balance billed over the span of 3 months. In some cases, we will extend to a 6 month plan.

We are firm believers in going beyond a logo to tell your brands full story. For that reason, we do not offer singular logos. We specialize in developing strategic brand identities that work as a cohesive system.

• Font licenses
• Website Templates (Project Specific)
• Website Hosting and Subscriptions
•  Business Tool Subscriptions (ie. Honeybook, Canva Pro...)
• Copywriting 
• Advanced SEO
• Brand Photography 
• Printing Fees

(Client Reviews)

I absolutely loved how quickly everything came together and the easiness for me. I feel put together, professional, and finally feel like my brand and website really speaks to my business and personality - truly giving people a feel for what it is like to work with me.

Sydney Jeter Photography

"I am so excited to share my new brand & website with the world!"

Abbey just gets me - I love how I can just word vomit everything I'm envisioning (often without making a whole lot of sense) and she somehow always delivers exactly what I wanted. I'm so excited to be at a place in my business where my heart, my work, and now my branding and website all reflect my ideal client. Abbey is gifted at seeing the vision before you even really know what it is - such a visionary! 

Madison Ashley Photography

"To work with abbey is to work with a friend!"

Abbey understood me personally, professionally and artistically. She allowed me to be myself and tell her exactly what I wanted instead of inserting her own personal wants and desires. Anyone looking for help in this area needs to look at Abbey's work, swoon over it for a bit, then book her immediately! 

Sarah Millikan Photography

"Working with Abbey was an absolute dream."

Abbey's work is nothing shy of impressive, thorough; it derives from her compassion in her line of work. She not only is very charismatic, but she goes above and beyond for all of her clients. Studio Gail elevated my wedding photography business and I will forever be thankful!

Ashley Lotus Photography

"Abbey is truly an artist. book her now!"

She is able to make beautiful work that is timeless. I sent my close friends my new branding to see what they thought. Every single one of them responded with, "This is so you." I think that is is truly so impressive that she was able to create such a fun product that truly reflected who I am.

Lexi Chase Media

"Abbey is educated in design - she knows the rules to break them."

When I first began searching for a designer, I feared that I couldn't find someone whose full heart & soul was invested into what they do. Abbey is such a visionary; she will FEEL what you want without you having to say much at all. From someone who has had trust issues with investing in my design before, I trust Abbey with my life. Book with her now!

Kassidy Ilayne Studios

"I felt like I made a new best friend through the screen"

She is so talented and above all just such a sweet person. I could tell that she truly cared about me and wanted to make sure that I was happy. She did everything she could to make the process stress free and easy. I finally feel like my website and brand reflects the style and aesthetic I have spent so many years building. 

Asya Shirokova, Founder of Asya Photography

"Abbey is amazing! professional, kind, responsive..."

I was having trouble connecting with my ideal client's style & mission-wise. She strategically designed my website to reflect my style, mission, and brand values. While investing in your business can be daunting, I felt as though Abbey was very flexible and made the experience easy and enjoyable! 

Emma Melin Studios

"Abbey has been so valuable to my rebrand!"

I feel like I’m finally headed in the direction I’ve dreamed about for so long. My business is truly becoming a part of me and I’m so grateful for that. I would absolutely recommend Abbey to not only other photographers, but all creatives. Her kindness, hard work, and talent are unmatched. I was really struggling bringing my dream brand to life and she helped me do it in the matter of weeks! I will forever be grateful for her.

Moira Priest, Founder of Moira P Photography

"Abbey was a dream to work with..."

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