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We were beyond excited to partner with Emily of @itsemilyleah, a renowned lifestyle content creator based in Tampa, FL. Known for her chic interior style and dedication to infusing day to day life with approachable luxury, Emily is on a mission to elevate the everday. 

Emily's passion for chic interiors and her commitment to accessible luxury served as our guiding inspiration throughout the creative journey. We carefully curated a brand identity that captures the essence of her style, blending sophistication and approachability. From a thoughtfully chosen color palette to elegant typography and captivating visual elements, every detail was intentionally designed to reflect Emily's brand persona.

But our collaboration extended far beyond branding. We recognized the significance of a seamless and engaging website that would effortlessly support Emily as she shares lifestyle products, recipes, and more with her followers. Through intuitive design and captivating visuals, we designed an online space that invites visitors to immerse themselves in Emily's world of curated inspiration.

In our collaboration, we were able to craft a harmonious fusion of style and functionality. Our collaboration resulted in a brand identity and website experience that perfectly aligns with Emily's vision, enabling her to effortlessly guide her followers toward discovering new products and elevating their everyday experiences.


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